We focus on providing Turn-Key Income Investment Properties in Glasgow and Edinburgh to our investors. As a committed and qualified investor, we provide you with a finished property, including the tenants and also the property management services for full peace of mind and excellent after-sales service. 

You will also have opportunities to invest with us through our own property projects.


If you are looking at getting a higher rate of return while learning with us at the same time through our 12-Month Coaching; then learning and investing in property projects is the right approach for you.  

You can also choose to learn about building your own BTL property portfolio without investing in our property projects through our 12-Month Coaching.

Apart from coaching, you can also buy our online BTL course and you can learn at your own pace.

Property Investments For  Entrepreneurs

Who Are Our Property  Investors?

Elite Coaching


This 12-month Online Coaching Programme will help you take your business to the next level. We will help you build your very own investment portfolio.


Our 15-years business experience and our care for you as an Entrepreneur will help you expand your business profitably without wasting your resources.


You can start immediately with a £497 Deposit!



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